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When you call ABC to inquire about service and decide to have someone visit your home, you will be scheduled to see one of our RN’s for a health and safety assessment. This is a complimentary service and you are under no obligation to use our agency once completed. You will be given a mutually convenient day and time for the visit. All of our staff are expected to wear a company issued name badge and introduce themselves on arrival.

When the nurse visits you, they will want to learn about your health, medications you take, and your specific needs for home care. They will also want to look around your home for any safety hazards. The health assessment is done by asking you questions about your past medical history, as well as taking current vital signs like your blood pressure and heart rate. We like to know the medications you are taking so we can be sure that our caregivers know if there are side effects they should be aware of. As part of the assessment they will also ask you about what tasks you would like the caregiver to assist with. 

All of this information will be used by the RN to develop a comprehensive plan of care for the caregiver to use when they visit you. It will delineate the tasks you would like your caregiver to complete when they visit such as assist with morning care, vacuum, grocery shop etc as well as the days and time you would like them to come.

At the time of the visit or shortly thereafter, if you decide you would like to use our service, we have a contract that will need to be signed. This is necessary for our insurance (workers comp, professional liability) to be activated to cover your specific case - this is critical so you are protected from any personal liability.


Once you are an ABC client, visits from your RN case manager is complimentary and frequency depends on whether you have any underlying medical conditions needing monitoring. THS IS A UNIQUE SERVICE WE PROVIDE THAT IS DIFFERENT FROM ALMOST ALL OUR COMPETITORS. Many of our clients look forward to these visits and find them very educational.

We can usually start service within 12 hours of being contacted but prefer a longer period if at all possible. If you are being discharged from the hospital and will need some post op assistance, please try to call us as soon as you realize your need so we can help prepare your home and get a good care plan in place. Many of our clients actually call prior to surgery so we can be there when needed on discharge, especially those having knee and hip replacement.

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